Thursday, November 25, 2010

its killing me..


I miss fighting with you. It may sound weird, but it was part of our life, and like I said, I miss everything. Man, we fought. You were fun to fight with though, when you got mad, your vein would make its grand appearance. I miss the way you’d clench your whole body up and look soooo angry and mean but I was not scared because I knew even though you were mad at me at the time, you wouldn’t be later. I miss knowing that no stupid fight could tear us apart. You never wanted me to leave after a fight. And you would never let me go to bed angry. No matter how angry you were at me, I was still your main concern. I miss your apologies and the way you accepted my apologies. I miss that underneath the superficial reason we were angry, we loved each other enough to talk it out and let it go right away.

I miss your laugh. I miss your contagious smile. I miss how silly and random you were, we were, together. I miss you getting mad at me because I laugh for hours over a joke that makes no sense to anyone but me. Or even if it did make sense, it was lame.

I miss how you made everything better. You made me a better person, and my life made sense with you in it. I miss that no matter what the problem was, you could fix it. I miss that you wouldn’t allow any thing or any one to get me down, ”Don’t let that bitch bother you baby.” I miss you making me happy when I thought I was hitting a low. I miss that you could never fail to make me smile. I miss you fixing things, and I am counting on you to help me get through this, because without you, I don’t know if I can do it.

I miss you and I love you more than any word could express. :)

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