Friday, April 30, 2010

40 Things Every Woman Must Know About Men, Love, Sex and Relationships

1. There are two types of males: Dishonorable males and honorable men. Don’t date or marry until you know how to tell the difference between the two! The woman in the mirror will graciously thank you.

2. Honorable men are protectors. They will guard your heart, protect your emotions, defend your honor and stand as champions for your spiritual, mental and physical well-being; choose an honorable man and choose life!

You are not a car; if you meet a man who wants to test drive your physical body, emotions and feelings, point him to a car dealership, bid him adieu and don’t look back!

4. This is a true saying: “The soul of a woman is fragile.” Please note: dishonorable males refuse to respect this crucial truth. They will toy with a woman’s emotions without any semblance of concern or compassion. Therefore
YOU must guard your heart from these cold-hearted males with all diligence.

Good men need to be treated like good men, dishonorable males, need to be let go and left alone!

6. OK ladies; you’ve met this great guy, but he’s got a child or children for which he does not take care of, provide for or see to. Follow these instructions to the letter: urgently send him back to the mother(s) of his child(ren) and don’t look back. Don’t make the same mistake the mother(s) of his child(ren) did!

7. Dishonorable males treat sex as a sport, females as trophies and children they sire as wastepaper.
Never allow yourself to become their next score, mantle piece or sperm repository.

Women who hold grudges, seek vengeance, cling to bitterness and are unwilling to forgive, unwittingly break their own hearts!

9. Choose the wrong mate and you might as well have laid next to a boa constrictor or grabbed the ears of a raging mad pit bull.
A smart woman learns how to choose her mate wisely!

10. Heed the sage advice of some caring brothers and honorable men.
If he doesn’t fit - don’t force him, just relax and let him go. Destiny is on your side… TRUE LOVE will find you!

11. Momma’s boys belong with only one type of woman; their moms! Ladies, these mothers and their sons will never cut their grotesque umbilical cord. Therefore, for your sake, leave them alone and just let them trot home to their mommies.

12. Self-love: if you don’t have it, pull yourself off the market. Make no mistake about it, if you don’t love yourself, NO MAN can ever love you… no matter how great a man he is.

13. Don’t judge ALL men by one man’s actions; unless you want ALL men to judge you based on the acts of amoral women.

14. Most women learn how to choose a mate the hard way; they go through a gut wrenching string of emotionally detached males, jerks, pimps, thugs and players. Don’t become one of those heart broken and bitter women! Learn how to properly choose a mate before it’s too late! The woman in the mirror will graciously thank you.

15. You wondering, “If I move in with him, is he going to marry me?” Answer: “Not likely!” Don’t believe it, take these two critical tests: (a). Ask any honorable man! And, (b). Examine the ever-growing list of disillusioned women who are begrudgingly waiting for their non-committal live-in lovers to pop the big question.

16. Do you keep attracting men who are dogs? Check the scent you’re putting out.
Men who are dogs are attracted by scent!

17. You are not a man! Therefore, you will never be: a role model for men, a father figure, a man’s mentor or a man’s coach. If a man has lacked proper male leadership in his life, kindly send him on his way. Know for a certainty; he is not prepared for the responsibilities that come with love, sex, relationship and marriage.

18. If you don’t know what a misogynistic man is, take this time to check your dictionary. For your sake, sanity and safety,
avoid these treacherous males at all costs.

19. Don’t ever delude yourself! Your beauty, fine body, sexual prowess, cooking skills, femininity and vibrant personality will never be enough to change a man, NEVER!

20. If your potential mate does such things as: promises to call you but doesn’t, makes dates and breaks them, shows up late or plays games with your emotions; take notes ladies... those are clear cut warning signs that he DOES NOT value you, he DOES NOT love you and he DOES NOT care about you!

21. Angry, bitter, hostile, combative, unforgiving single women, become: angry, bitter, hostile and combative, unforgiving wives.

22. A fundamental understanding and respect of the male ego is a must for all women who want a vibrant and healthy love; DO NOT obtain this crucial information from dishonorable males or from angry bitter women.

23. If you choose to be with dishonorable males, pimps, players, thugs, ballers and shot callers, you have absolutely no right to complain when they torch your emotions, abuse you, leave you pregnant and alone, jeopardize your safety and otherwise harm or hurt you. Remember,
you have freedom of choice and you chose to be with them!

24. When a man is trying to find himself, kindly bid him adieu… PERMANENTLY! He can find you, but can’t find himself?
He shouldn’t be looking for love… he should be searching for the map to Mastering Manhood!

25. OK; he wants or is demanding sex but you are not his wife. Write this down:
There is no need to wonder, debate or contemplate: he DOES NOT honor or respect you!

26. Spoiled women are like spoiled milk, spoiled meat, spoiled fruit spoiled bread and spoiled brats. Get the picture?
Don’t become a spoiled woman!

Expecting a dishonorable male to do the honorable thing is like expecting piranhas not to devour you if you make the mistake of diving into their water.

28. You’ve asked these questions, “Why doesn’t he call me more often? Why doesn’t he pursue me more diligently and why doesn’t he show me that he loves me?” Answer;
he’s not into you! If you don’t let him go and move on with your life, you will allow him to hinder or block your true love from finding you!

29. All men ARE NOT dogs! Don’t believe, repeat or perpetuate that rampant lie! You will hamper your ability to see and discern the good men who cross your path!

30. Some males like to hit women. It gives them a sense of power and control. If you give yourself to one of these abusive males, most assuredly you will become a punching bag and a floor mat. It is critical that you learn how to detect and avoid these cretins!

31. Promiscuous immoral women are not worthy of an honorable man. They never have been and they never will be.

32. Never allow emotionally embittered women to influence you concerning the male gender. If you do, their hatred and unforgiveness will become yours. Soon you will find yourself suspicious, indignant and angry at all men.

33. You were not designed, built or destined for abuse, whether: emotionally, physically or financially. If he is an abuser, there is no need to deliberate…
he IS NOT the one; leave him now!

34. Some women live their lives vicariously through the women on “Girlfriends, Sex In The City and Desperate Housewives.” Don’t become one of these women. If you do, you will make a literal mess of your life, emotions, physical body and well-being.

35. When a man truly loves you, he will honor and respect you. If he doesn't…
don’t deceive yourself and don’t allow him to defraud you; he DOES NOT love OR care about you!

36. Everyone has skeletons in their closet? Wrong!
Not everyone has skeletons in their closet. Don’t start putting any in yours!

37. There is a vast difference between sex and love. Most men know the difference and you had better learn it fast! If you fail or refuse to do so, you are surely headed for relationship or marital crash and burn.

38. Don’t deceive yourself, once you have sex with a man who is not your husband… he may never admit it, but he has lost a degree of respect for you. Don’t believe it? Ask any honorable man or virtuous woman.

39. The dismal cycle of breaking up and making up only works out in the romance novels, television shows and movies. If you are riding that emotional roller coaster get off right now! Your heart, mind and soul will forever thank you.

40. Nothing is more beautiful, captivating, attractive and sensual than a woman with a gentle and peaceable spirit!


p/s: credit to starry nyte for sharing..=)

Monday, April 26, 2010

dia sayang kita x??


mcm ne nk tau dia syg kita??
i mean..there’s no other gal in his life..
for me..
its not easy..lagi2 klau kita mmg syg dia gler2..
dh buta dh..
x nmpk salah silap dia..
tp mesti ade signal yg wat kita rase dia sbnrnye dh x syg kita mcm dlu..
ape signal nye???

every couple mesti ade cara tersendiri..
ade yg kne contact setiap everything yg kita wat..
ade yg contact sesekali je..

in my case..
we both contact each other slagi ade kesempatan to do so..
nak mkn n all..mmg bgtau..
macam leceh ea??
pada aku x pon..
sbb x susah pon nk bgtau kan..
dia pon jenis yg bgtau apa dia wat..

tp still we both x memakse diri masing2 utk always hantar ‘report’..
sekadar pemberitahuan..mcm memo..huhu

ckup ke dgn msg setiap mase tu tnda dia syg kita??

x ckup okay!!
byk lagi bnde2 penting harus disiasat..
kne check HP dia??
tidak perlu..
u have to put some trust..
nnt dh kawen n all..
byk lg dugaan..
percaye ea kate2 dia..
tp bkn 100%..

cara dia layan kita mase kita dgn dia..
mcm mne??
kita rase best x??
ke rase dia mcm terpakse je layan kite??
dia nmpak happy x??
mase nk berpisah..
dia mcm ne??
reaksi dia n all..
tgk sendiri ye..

if dia btol2 syg kita..
bila dh lame x jumpe..
dia ckp x rase rindu n nk sgt2 jumpe??
lagi2 if berjauhan..
if asek kita je yg ckp nk jumpe n counting days nk jumpe dia..
pkir2 kan la..

if dia btol2 syg kita..
dia akan bgtau semua update psl dia..
especially psl recent good news..
x kira la psl dia or even family dia..
so..nmpk mcm kita ni penting utk tau psl family dia..
maybe dia betol2 nk kita jadi part of his family kn??
its a good news utk kita..
tp if dia x pnah share pape..

if dia btol2 syg kita..
dia tegur kita supaya jadi lbh baik..
bkan utk dia..
tp utk diri kita sendiri..
lagi2 bab agama..aurat..semua..
sape nk ‘share pemandangan’ org yg dia syg ngn org lain kn??
dia akan tego kita bila kita buat salah pd parents..
(ni case aku..huhu)
dia nk kita terima parents n family dia..
bg keyakinan pada kita yg kita dh ckup sempurna utk memenangi hati family dia..
(even x sempurna dia nk kita yakin pada diri)
dia nk kenal ngn family kita yg lain2..
especially yg rapat ngn kita..
n kita pon kne show interest utk knal family dia..
tp dgn cara yg beragak ye..
jgn gelojoh..=P

if dia btol2 syg kita..
dia dh create future plan utk kita n dia..
nmpk mcm terlalu cpat..
tp itu kesungguhan dia..
kita nk wat pe bila tau plan dia??
hargai n cube same2 jadikan plan tu kenyataan..

if dia btol2 syg kita..
dia mesti akan ckp dia syg kita..
n x melampau bila dia kate ‘dia sgt2 syg kita’..
xkira bila n kat mne pon..
dgr mcm geli je nk slalu ckp..
tp bukan ke statement tu sgt sweet..
berbunga je hati kan??

if dia btol2 syg kita..
dia akan cube bg yg terbaik utk kita..
klau boleh..
xnk kita rase kurang sket pon dlm semua benda..
dgr mcm over..
mmg ade org mcm ni..
tp kita jgn la amek kesempatan lak kan..
show sket independency tu..
jgn bergantung pd dia je k..

if dia btol2 syg kita..
dia nak kita syg dia gak..
tp bukan dgn paksaan…
dia juz mintak keikhlasan..
n kesetiaan…

bila dia btol2 syg kita..
bnde yg kita nk dia wat pada kita..
itu lah jugak yg dia nk kita wat pada dia..

saling memerlukan…
that’s the word!!!

it takes two to tango ok!!!!

bukan sorg je yg memberi..
yg sorg sedap menerima..

nak byk menerima..
kita pon kne byk memberi..
tp bukan memberi pada org yg salah..
kita ada instinct utk rase org tu syg kita or x..
jgn tipu diri sendiri..

Tulisan LOVE kat pasir ni lama2 akan hilang bila dipukul ombak pantai..
Kite kene ukir selalu supaya tulisan tu sentiasa ada...
mcm tu gak ngn CINTA..tunjuk kan cinta kita pada si dia hari2..
sbb persekitaran kite ibarat ombak yang boleh menghakis perasaan
Cinta kite pada dia..n cinta dia pada kite..

sekadar perkongsian..
apapun..setiap org ade life path masing2..
kita berdoa utk yg terbaik..
terimalah dia seadanya..seperti mane dia menerima kita seadanya..
i didn’t say my ‘sayang’ is too perfect..
tp kita tau ape yg lebih n kurang nya si dia kan??
x salah kita beralah demi yg tersayang..
tp beralah bukan utk sesuatu yg menyakitkan di kemudian hari..
sayangi diri sendiri sebelum sayangi org lain..
dat is 1 of the greatest love of all..

to my dear..i love u very much..
ingatlah janji kita ye..
semoga Allah memberi jalan utk kita mengecapi impian ITU…


Friday, April 23, 2010

thank u ALLAH for the joys and blessings…


ade good news yg dtg dlm hidup aku..
even sbnrnye dtg dlm hidup org lain..aku tumpang gembira..
rase tenang bila melihat wajah org baru yg comel..
sampai jadi desktop background aku..)

lahir pada 2.30 ptg(if i’m not mistaken..=P)..18hb April 2010..
biarpon kami tiada ikatan persaudaraan
(belum lagi..INSYAALLAH) namun kehadirannya amat bermakna..


si dia sgt gembira..
terlalu excited nk pulang ke rumah..
if aku pon..
mesti sgt excited..
mcm afif..if afif dh dpt adek nnt..
lagilah aku nk blik jb je rase..
nak tengok dia grow up..

belum anak sendiri lagi ni..huhu
baby kan always wat kite senyum..
aku suke dekatkan diri ngn baby baru lahir..
sgt menenangkan..

hope to see the baby soon..=)

mase aku kat sini pon x lame..
lepas ni semester break…
tahun depan??
hmm..mmg akan rase kehilangan..
tp still ade bestie yg xkan jemu curah kasih syg kat aku..
aku perlukan semangat yg byk utk tempuh setahun lg..
lepas setahun??
trus pikir masa depan yg aku dh impikan selama ni…
go for IT…

when things are under control..
kita dapat apa yg kita nak..
tak kiralah dugaan mcm mne sekalipon..
aku tetap bertahan..

aku xnk benda lain..
kebahagiaan yg hakiki..

itu doa ku..


p/s: the baby dah ade name..IZDIHAR HASYA..=)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ape saya buat hari ni??

hari ni saya benyanyi2 ngn sya kesayangan..

singing this song n sya td sgt exciting..

as he’ll be leaving very soon..
maka aku rase cam sedih sket..

tp xpe..
biarlah distance make us apart..
hati tetap bersatu kn?

lagu ni sgt sesuai ngn aku skrg,.the wording..

awww..its bout me..hahaha

ni lagi satu lagu yg very inspiring..
give me strength to go for IT..

never look back..
move forward!!



td g jumpe prof…

ask him to tgk2 my report..
many correction must be done before submit it..
huwaaaa..baru berangan leh relax2..

hah..lupe plak..

td jumpe all my beloved juniors…
kat bilik prof..
membuat sesi jejak kasih jap..

hugs n kisses depan2 prof..
as usual la kan..
nseb baek x hug prof..

looking forward to meet my other classmates yg x blik2 lgi tu..


till have new hot story…



Monday, April 19, 2010

back to Tganu…its a good thing..=)

first time update blog kat Tganu..
get more excited bila dapat jumpe sya n hajar..
seperti biasa kene la kepoh2 rite after bersua muka..
bergelak ketawa seperti dulu..
cerita ape yg jadi kat aku..
(even dh citer dh on phone dlu)haha..

kitorg bongkar semua story..
feel relieve to see both of them..
ape yg aku rindu dh ade balik..
dh lame x tgk muka diorg ‘live’..


n the best thing utk blik ke sini..
i can see him ‘live’..


huhu..puas hati..
even masa dh x byk utk di spend together..
but i always cherish every single moment we spent together..


nanti aku update lg..
terasa mcm ade mcm2 bende yg akan berlaku..
but i’m totally ready!!

tetap n masih bertahan….

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy;
they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. 
~Marcel Proust~

Saturday, April 17, 2010

sgt sedih nk tinggalkan JB…

apekan daya..aku kene blik ke tganu..even hati rase berat..terpakse gak..
antara bende yg wat aku rase berat nk tinggalkan jb ialah tinggalkan afif..
td pg jumpe afif..n when i say goodbye n kiss his cheeks..
he wants to follow me..
hmm…mintak didukung..
n tros lentok kepala kt bahu aku…
rase nk je bwk dia blik ganu..
kan best..dh biasa every week mesti jumpe dia..
now xleh jmpe lagi..dia makin besar n bijak..
macam2 yg dia dh tau..suke dgr celoteh dia..
td mkn cotton candy ngn dia..
so cute!!!!love him so much!!!!!
rase xnk blik…

miss him already..just now he hugged me n xnk let me go..
i gotta go n say goodbye..
n i can see his dull n sad face thru the gate..

so sorry dear…

i have to go..

nnt cik yanti blik ea..

belikan apip hadiah k..

love u dear!!!mmmuuuaaahhhhhhh

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

update about me..(mcm dh lame x update la plak kan)=P

this week idup aku cam messy..

messy with report..

messy with diri sendiri la sng cite

aku x puas ngn ape yg aku wat..

report yg sepatotnya xleh exceeds 50pages aku dh terover dh..

ntah ape yg aku merepek kat dlm tu..


tp last nite..

‘we’ had a long talk (msg je pon)..hahaha

then aku yg konon2 xnk bgtau dia rahsia hati ni..

telah memungkiri janji..

kepoh gak jari ni type bende yg terbuku di hati…


aku mcm pentingkan diri je smlm..

(slh..mmg slame ni selfish pon..haha)

aku luah semua..

smpai aku rase die leh bertambah migraine..

aku ni ntah pape..

syg tp bg masalah lagi kat dia..


syg mmg cm ni..

tp semua ni bersebab..

tol kn dear??(soalan kepada my bestie, SYA yg tau kisah sebenar..huhu)

aku bukan reka2 cite..

aku ade bukti..(tp aku mmg over jeles..yela sape x jeles beb!!!!)

tidak penah ku sangke aku sebegini tabah..


go IZEN..

ko dh nk sampai GARISAN PENAMAT nya..

keep pnah fight ke??

oh..pnah2.. ‘fight’ mintak keredhaan ALLAH dlm hubungan kami..

aku nk buktikan yg aku bukan sengaja buat perkara ni..

semua ni dh tertulis..

ni lah jalan hidup aku..

even tetap ade manisnya…

my life mmg full of colours…

i met my BESTIE yg comel..SYA..BESTIE yg happy-go-lucky..HAJAR..

n aku ade classmates yg slalu amek tau pasal aku..=P



dh2..korg dorg xyah nk lari..

xnk ngaku lak..

nway..even korg suke kacau aku..

aku tetap syg korg!!!!

mmuuuaaahhhh!!!(ni ditujukan pada besties sy, SYA n HAJAR je ye..hihi)

to FARIS n BUZZ…tq 4 being a great frens of mine..

x dilupakan YIE…huhu..even die cm senyap sket dari korg..aku tau dia pasang telinga je korg kacau2 aku kan??


entry ni sebenarnye berkisar tentang perasaan x sabar aku nk blik UDM..

nk jumpe my both besties…FARIS>>BUZZ>>YIE and others..

n not forgetting..HIM..


i’m counting my days to meet u ALL~~~~~

few more days to go!!!!

can’t wait..

p/s: to BUZZ n FARIS..jgn risau aku xkan lupe belikan MEE BANDUNG MUAR yg korg pesan tu…;-)


till then..


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pn Norlia visit me…yeayyyy!!=) academic supervisor visit me kat kilang

so..i dunno nak prepare ape..huhu

perlu takot or excited or pape la..

rupenye2..she juz wanna talk bout my performance with my supervisor..

then..’ckp2’ ngn i bout my feelings toward this LI period..

n what i’ve learnt briefly..

tp mcm biasa la aku punye brief x mcm brief..

ade je nk tmbah..hahaha..

sory Pn Liya..

n tq sbb sudi dgr ‘bebelan’ from me..


thumbs up!!

best sgt2 visit ni..

i like!!!;-)

before she’s coming..

i’m so excited..

sebab her visit brings a meaning that i’ll be completing my LI period very soon..



ala..sedihnye..xdpt learn new things lagi..

btol la..

in Zara i’ve learnt many new things…

thing yg paling best..

i’m all ALONE here..hihi..

terkontang-kanting at 1st..

tp mcm biasa la..

i mesti buat2 macam ‘bagus’ je..

nutin happen..

i can survive la..padahal dlm hati..

arrrgggghhh..i need him…arrrhhhh…


sape tu??

hah….dun misunderstand k..

i need PROF…

yela..he always ‘selamat’ kan i if i wat salah or ‘mental block’..


tp..demi menjaga nama Prof, UDM dan nama IZENTY BARI’AH IBRAHIM..

i’ll prove to u that i can survive..


yeayyyyy…14 weeks bakal berlalu..

lagi seminggu je..

b4 that..


terima kasih..

to my self..


nanti kamu terbabas sampai ke tgh mlm..

pastu terjage..

tersengih sorg2..


pastu ‘teman’ dia..


x wat keje..

ape semua ni??!!

kamu x fikirkan tentang kebaikan diri kamu ke??!!


begitu dramatik..=P


jgn tdo the whole week ni k..

siapkan report..

pastu siapkan slide presentation..


sila tido..

(sgt poyo)


kamu boleh!!!!!!!chaiyok!!!!


kepada yg membaca..

‘sila’ doakan sy siapkan report this week gak ea..


sudah tidak larat lagi..


p/s: Pn Liya kate kita (my classmates n me) leh stay maidam starting 1st May..ohh…tidak…aku tetap akan pulang awal…atas sebab2 tertentu..*wink wink*.. i come…hihi

kepada yg menanti kepulangan ku..sabarlah menanti..hahaha

kepada yg x suke aku blik awal or suke aku x balik langsung…

maaf la ye..nak wat masih student UDM..

ade tanggungjawab yg masih lom selesai..huhu..


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

it’s your BIRTHDAY!!!!

6th april 1988….

my bestie, Sya was born..

now she’s 22 years old

she turns out from a cute gal to a very pretty gal..

she knows how to wear make-up since practical kat Dunkin Donuts..;-P

more positive..

more mature..

more sweet with her words…

more independent -----> undeniable…=)


1 more thing grows inside her..

she loves me very much..

i know it!!=P

coz i love her too!!

she always support me n ‘marah’ me whenever i wat salah…

btol2..dia mmg garang sumtimes..

but i know dia marah sbb dia ‘geram’ ngn bestie dia yg sorg ni yg slalu wat hal..


n she’s very smart..

bukan senang org nk kenakan dia..

dia mesti dpt detect..hihi..bijak kan my fren ni??

cpat2..ckp bijak..=P

to Nur ‘Izzati Ahmad Juanda..

i wanna wish u a very happy bday…

have a blast 1!!!!

n wish u happiness will always ‘accompany’ u all the way k…


i’m so lucky to have a best friend like her!!!

dear..u r irreplaceable..


p/s: i post entry ni kat mase i tgh keje kat kilang instant post..x wat lawa2 pon…gambar dia pon i cilok from her FB..huhu..sory it come all the way from the very bottom of my heart….=)

my beloved report n mee ho liao…

hmm…selepas tdo dari pkul 8 pm- 12 am…

aku terbangun..ok2..solat..n report!!!!

tp perut ku lapar..

maka biskut Oat Krunch Munchy’s telah ku baham..

tp masih tidak berpuas hati..

nak mkn nasi..xde selera..

oh ye..mee Ho Liao…


huhu..ok2..mari kita masak..

n MAKAN!!!!

menikmati mee Ho Liao diatas katil..ish2…

btol2 HO LIAO!!!!=P

alhmdulillah..kenyang..dh boleh tdo..huhuhu


kamu kate nk wat report mlm ni..nk siapkan la n all..

my syg siap perli lagi..bukan dari last week ke asek ckp nk siapkan report..

huhu..apekan daya..niat murni aku tu slalu berakhir ngn ketiduran..

pnat keje la..hahahha mlm ni atleast aku kne siapkan separuh ape yg masih x siap tu..

utk merealisasikan niat suci lagi murni ni..

aku x leh tdo lagi dh..

tp xmungkin..sbb aku mcm ngnatok blik la…


nape ni???

x bermaya je..


sy tau!!!

find him n mintak semangat..


mmg aku bertambah semangat..

tp bukan utk wat report..

semangat utk msg..hihihi..

okla tu..aku wat report psl kitorg la..

same gak kan..

namenye report gak..



aku nk sambung wat report LI la..

semua chapter ade lopong2..

x complete lg..


kne  berubah ye..hihi..

kepada classmates ku tersyg..

mari2..kite wat report dlu!!!!!