Friday, November 26, 2010


    • when you wake up, he is already on your mind. 
    • when you lost your heart, he is all that you can find. 
    • when you want to be the one to dry his eyes. 
    • when you want to be the one to dry his eyes. 
    • when you want to listen to all his whims and woes. 
    • when you want him to take care everywhere he goes. 
    • when he calls you, your heart goes a flutter. 
    • when you see him, “I love you…” you silently stutter. 
    • when you tell the world that you love him so. 
    • when you’ve told the world, but he doesn’t know. 
    • when you know you’ll still love him when he’s lost his hair. 
    • when your eyes light up when you see him there. 
    • also when you hear your heart break when he held hands with her. 
    • also when you crumbled as you hear them say that it will last forever. 
    • also when you cry inside yet smile outside when they say hi to you. 
    • also when you held your breath and said, “How do you do?” 
    • also when you let him go, you know he is happy now. 
    • also when you know you’ll get over him somehow. 
    • also when his happiness is what matters to you. 
    • also when you let him love her, and not love you too. 
    • when you’ll still love him…and still, he’ll never know. 
    • when you’ll swallow the pain and slowly let go.

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