Friday, December 31, 2010

2010~~in memories… is the end of the 2010..

ape ade tahun ni??

macam2 ada!!

semuanya aku anggap indah sbb walau pahit mcm ne pon..aku bersyukur ending tahun ni sgt membahagiakan..

starting 2010 with a tears will never be as time goes by thru this year..everything seems to be perfect!

tears change to laugh..

down change to cheers..

me change to ‘newly strong IZEN’..

if ade org tanye ape perkara terindah berlaku tahun ni..

aku jawab, ‘Dicemuh..difitnah..dikeji..’


itu indah.. sbb itu semua aku jd seperti sekarang..

lebih tenang..lebih matang..lebih kuat..

semua ni pon sbb aku mmg ade pendirian yg sgt tinggi..i believe in what i’m doing..

i believed this is the best thing happened in my life..

if not..i won’t have a special memories before leaving Terengganu for good..

yes..its all about Terengganu..huhu..

tp the only thing yg berubah tahun ni..

i don’t trust people mcm dulu..

i used to be a girl yg trust others wont betray me..

tp sebenarnye bukan semua org kenal aku n bukan semua org suke tgk aku bahagia..

jd..aku akan lebih berhati2..=)

even org ckp aku dh cerita semua kat blog ni..masih lagi tersimpan byk rahsia yg aku tau x baik diexposed kerana ia akan humiliating many people..=)


biar la kite been humiliated..

drpd kite humiliating others..=)


Good bye 2010..

Welcome 2011..

strong =2010

stronger =2011


meh nk share pix sepanjang 2010



practical time..

my Industrial Training report submitted to Quality Control Manager..


meeting my old fren after almost 5 years x jumpe!


having great time with 1st sem juniors making ‘dadih’..

with my Product Development group…=)

product launching day!!


he’s my only sunshine..=) sunflowers on his graduation day!


pesta konvo with Mr Sunshine..=)


on Bakery Day with beloved juniors!

got Bday Cake from Sya..=)


faculty annual dinner..=)


meeting Ain when dtg kedah recently..=)

my FYP getting started~~~




dear 2010,

thank u for the moments..precious moments..u r the best..but still..we need to improve..add more ‘application’ and learn more..dun stop learning..

life is too short..i have to leave u..i have to move step forward to 2011..

more challenges waiting..more happiness offers..

more experiences to gain..

more stories to be written..


more smiles with more strengths...


love u, 2010!!

thanks a bunch!!

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  1. Happy New Year Izen! Gmbr semua sweet esp yg dinner tu ;)