Friday, January 7, 2011

langkah baru~~

salam all!



sekarang dh masuk sem 8..which is the final sem..


i’m going to leave terengganu soon..

but b4 dat..i’ve so many things to handle..

i hv my FYP..i hv to hand in my thesis writing..i hv to strive for excellence in simple word la!!

to hv all dat done…i hv to be more focus..

more relax..more tense..=)

i’m sure i can do it as i hv my strength plus other strength from him..

hahaha..gedix la kau!


when he’s around..i mess’ll be in a good shape!

tetibe shaping trus..tetibe jd wanita..hahaha..

tahun ni akan jd tahun bersejarah..nape??


akan diberitahu kemudian..pasti!

nway…i hv a good start in 2011..n really hope to hv a good thing towards the end..bukan end of this year..the end of my life..=)


to my only Mr Sunshine..tq!

tq for always being there for me!

u r my hero!!
(cewah..puji nih..cpat blanje ice cream esok!)



tetibe nk say tq a bunch to bumi terengganu sbb ade pantai yg cantek!

haha..skang ni dh ade tmpat lepak yg best..good least..throughout almost 4 years kat sini..i can see a lil development kan?


n good..even malam pon lampu bercahaya sgt terang..maka tiada syak wasangka akan berlaku!thumbs up!

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