Saturday, January 21, 2012

the awakening of the dragon!

salam to all..

it’s been a very long time not updating my beloved blog..yup..lame sgt x update psl diri sendiri..juz like a diary dat has been left behind..poor u blog..sorry ya..i promise u this year would be very good year for u!full of stories..full of joys..full of love!

b4 i start the 1st entry of the year..let me flash back what had happened last year..

last year was one of the blessing year..

2011 was the final year i’ve been called a campus life ended on May..i started missing my BFF since the day i left Tganu..yes..she’s been a part of my life for 4 years back..during the final year as a student..kelam kabut still under control sbb excited nk grad!even bz my BFFs n me tetap ade leisure time like went to karaoke (sgt slalu) n tgk cite korea then berangan2..dat was the awesome part of the year!the final exam was so great!great sbb ni final time nk struggle n final time to gv the very best on paper!alhamdulillah..the exam went very well..

my final year project gv me alot of lesson indeed..i love the time struggling with lab n thesis. all of it were so unforgettable..most of the time i shared with my BFFs, Ct n Sya..byk sgt story kat microb lab tu..hihi..towards the end of campus life..i cherished one single moment i had in UniSZA n pain no gain rite??well..i gain so many pain there n got pain from the weirdo!

in the middle of 2011, i’ve been given a grateful sustenance and bounty..being hired was a great feeling expecially when u really need it..thank u Allah..i’m so grateful..

since June till now..i hv a great time with my colleagues..the secret recipe of joy is been hired as QC at Rikevita (M)..y?i can’t stop laughing n smiling with them..even my BFF, Sya got jealous everytime i called her to update my stories..oh dear..i wish u were here so dat we wont hv to wait until we both available to talk..waiting is killing rite?haha..

towards the end of 2011..i enjoyed a lot..grateful for the happiness n joys..syukur i got a frens like them..n not forgetting..the saddest time was when my dad was admitted to hospital twice..hopefully he will recover more tears izen! strong!=)

wrap all up..alhamdulillah..more to come..i’ve to be prepared..kate nk kawen tahun ni..haha..ade rezeki ade la kan..insyaAllah..Ya me always..dont leave me naive..gv me dat answer..

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