Saturday, January 21, 2012

take a scroll down memory lane (i)…

 FYP presentation 070 FYP presentation 082

here are the faces of a very tired ‘comel’ gals..mmg sgt pnat sbb ni the final time to present our FYP..maka bersengkang mata la to gv the best..=)

after present je..ta daa..

FYP presentation 120 

 FYP presentation 121FYP presentation 124

pose x ingat dunia..huhu..



sayonara nite 041 sayonara nite 036 

during Sayonara Nite~~~

 sawet 043


ikm 075 - Copy

field trip where we loved to capture pix!


my wonderful convocation 075 my wonderful convocation 085

homecoming hi-tea!

~~every single moment i spent with this 2 gals was the best moment ever..dorg ni la saksi jatuh bangun aku 2011~~

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