Sunday, January 22, 2012

eat more n karaoke with love~~

salam..during maintenance week where the production is hold for maintenance and cleaning process..we, QC kurang la keje..for shift staff mmg xde keje…normal staff mainly wat ape analysis yg lum siap n pape yg mase ni la all QC can get along..bile ramai kat lab seronok la..for me..mmg best!mmg pnat la yg plg best is usual..kitorg ade mkn2 kt QC meeting room(as usual)..we had nasi ayam for lunch..=)..then ade annual dinner on the same week..the next day pg mkn2 kat Hutan Bandar Bistro plus karaoke..full package kan?huhu..

~~lunch nasi ayam!~~

dinner at Hutan Bandar Bistro


gembire sgt bdk 2 org ni…haha..


sambil tunggu mknn..pose dulu la..=)


dh dpt mknn..ofcoz la x layan cam..huhu..

pas kenyang..ade la yg berniat utk mengasah bakat..=P bile ajak org yg suke menyumbangkan suare mcm i ni confirm2 la nk pg..huhu..jom2..karok!

DSC05181 DSC05184

DSC05194 DSC05215

had so much fun!!!


~~lucky draw gift for QC~~

the end of the week ade lucky draw utk all staffs..

lucky draw from Rikevita yg generous..hihi..saat2 gembire lg2 utk pakcik yg menang tv tu..huhu..jeles!

below is pix with our ex-MD, Mr Hara with Chiba n Osaka Plant representative..tgk boss wat pe..haha..lawak2..



dats all for 2011..looking forward for much more joys n prosperity years ahead..

bye 2011..welcome 2012..welcome new me!

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