Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Migraine???here are some tips 4 u…


Things you can do when you're in pain, to reduce the pain :

-- Have a bath or shower.

-- Lie down to rest in a dark room.

-- Avoid bright or flashing light. Don’t drive ya..

-- Put something cold on the back of your neck, such as a cold, wet cloth; or alternate hot and cold cloths where the pain is.

-- Put a cold compress on your forehead and your feet in a container of warm water.

-- Have a drink of water or natural juice, especially tomato juice.

-- Have some food, or a nutritious drink, if you haven't eaten for a while.

-- Massage your own face, head, neck and shoulders, or get someone else to do those and your back. Relax your muscles.

-- Press on two pressure points at the back of the neck. These points are about two inches apart, just below the base of the skull. Press for a minute or two. This releases endorphins that help against pain.

-- Massage or press on the fleshy area between thumb and forefinger.

-- Gently lean the head to left or right to stretch the neck muscles. Massage and relax any tense muscles.

-- Avoid sources of stress. Cancel activities so there's less to worry about.

-- Avoid exercise during a headache if it makes throbbing pain in the head and neck worse. On the other hand, generally exercise improves health, and it may help you relax during a headache.

-- Take some niacin (a form of vitamin B3). Taking enough niacin to cause a flush (blood rushing to the skin) can provide relief from headache pain, but this much niacin can also have side effects (flush, nausea, heartburn, liver damage, etc.) Niacinamide doesn't have such bad side effects, but isn't as much use against migraines, either. Smaller, safer amounts of niacin are also helpful. Niacin can trigger a migraine, though.

-- Take some vitamin C, vitamin B6, choline, tryptophan and niacin and/or magnesium.


To all Migraine Sufferers..I really hope..u all will be just fine and always happy..keep smiling.. =) don’t stress yourself ya..

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