Tuesday, April 6, 2010

it’s your BIRTHDAY!!!!

6th april 1988….

my bestie, Sya was born..

now she’s 22 years old

she turns out from a cute gal to a very pretty gal..

she knows how to wear make-up since practical kat Dunkin Donuts..;-P

more positive..

more mature..

more sweet with her words…

more independent -----> undeniable…=)


1 more thing grows inside her..

she loves me very much..

i know it!!=P

coz i love her too!!

she always support me n ‘marah’ me whenever i wat salah…

btol2..dia mmg garang sumtimes..

but i know dia marah sbb dia ‘geram’ ngn bestie dia yg sorg ni yg slalu wat hal..


n she’s very smart..

bukan senang org nk kenakan dia..

dia mesti dpt detect..hihi..bijak kan my fren ni??

cpat2..ckp bijak..=P

to Nur ‘Izzati Ahmad Juanda..

i wanna wish u a very happy bday…

have a blast 1!!!!

n wish u happiness will always ‘accompany’ u all the way k…


i’m so lucky to have a best friend like her!!!

dear..u r irreplaceable..


p/s: i post entry ni kat mase i tgh keje kat kilang instant post..x wat lawa2 pon…gambar dia pon i cilok from her FB..huhu..sory it come all the way from the very bottom of my heart….=)

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