Friday, February 25, 2011

MIFT~sweet memories..

last weekend..we all went to Monash university sunway campus for Malaysian Institute of Food Technology (MIFT) competition..

we participated in some of the categories:

1. Food Bowl Quiz

2. Oratory

3. Innovative and Product development


n i was one of the team member who participated in the 3rd category..bringing our salak product to be promoted..

we’ve been thru thick n thin together to come to the finish line of this competition..mmg sgt mencabar..

problem come n go..but we decided to stick with our regrets!

working with 6 people in total mmg sgt tiring..

tp ramai kwn2 yg lain yg membantu..tq a bunch!


sampai monash on friday tu trus setup booth..warm welcome by Dr Anne Vaughn..tq very much...she’s an Irish..hv to listen very carefully to her words to avoid misunderstanding…hihi..

we’ve been given 1 lecture room where there were 4 groups allocated in the room..2 group from UMS n 2 groups from UniSZA..

all together there were 10 groups from 5 universities..

  MIFT 015

setup booth

100_2495 15  

the next day was the big day!

so excited but still nervous..

this year got some change..last years the judges will come to the booth individually n they will come again if the product is in the Top 3 list!

this year we have to present a presentation in front of the judges to impress them..

so..kne undi giliran to present to all team lucky no 8!

n who’s going to present???

the judges said only 2-3 person allowed..

TAKOT! yg kne present ialah SAYA!

honestly..mmg sgt takot!

the presentation hv to be presented like viva..have slides n the judges 5 org sit in a row..

i wasn’t alone..dila n sya teman to help in answering questions..

MIFT 049

the presenter n defenders..shielding effect kne power!huhu..

from 11 am to 3 pm..we were crazy waiting for our turn..

my focus mmg only on the presentation..xmampu layan student yg dtg booth...ikhsan, ct n mizah yg penat melayan org dtg..

the butterflies fly freely in my stomach sampai i went to the restroom 4 times within 2 hours..haha.. takot i was dat time!

x sabar dh nk jumpe judges..sampai pg tanya kat Prof Gary, 1 of the coordinator from Monash which team yg tgh present..i can’t wait any longer…huhu..

tetibe 1 of the judges kuar from the judging room..Mr Fisal said my turn will be next!berdoa sebanyak mungkin..n bila step in..muka kne manis..


the presentation went very well n all the questions were all been answered with the best answer!

step out of the room..trus bersyukur n peluk dila n sya!

rase lega sgt2..

team lain yg nk masuk room tu tgk2 we all..mcm psycho pon ade kan??huhu..


tp serious we did our impressed the judges were tu kitorg x pasti..yg pnting kami puas hati!

back to our booth with a smiling faces..semua lega..TAPI!

the judges will pay a visit to our booth kan?

so..prepared the product samples for the judges..

we were the final booth yg they visited..x byk soalan..semua the chief of judge, Dr Nik who is the President of MIFT said the raw material cost was quite high..dats one of the problem! yg lain semua impressed..=)



IMG_1790 DSC01570


our product

100_2557  100_2555


~our serving suggestions~

MIFT 045 MIFT 046

UMS lecturer with Ikhsan                          students come n go..huhu..

P1030646 P1030643

 P1030644 P1030645

judges pay a visit


my team with Dr John

 MIFT 070


bila Dila ckp the judges mcm dh x tnye byk soalan..mesti dh ade winner yg dh in short list sbb tu x tnye sgt..yes..perhaps..

but deep inside me..masih berharap..shhhh...hihi..

penat sgt the whole day kat booth..mlm nye di treat oleh our beloved Dean..Prof Che Lah..huhu..

makan dgn byk smpai xleh bgun..huhu..TQ PROF!


ahad: closing ceremony with result announcement..

bila the result been announced..


3rd place goes to UMT team..RENDANG BONDA..vacuum pack rendang


2nd place goes to TROPICA SWEET..UniSZA..

mase ni..we all surprised..amazed!hahaha..amazed ngn diri sendiri..



semua bersyukur..

melangkah ke depan dgn kesyukuran..

amat gembira..

not forgetting..1st place goes to UPM..tapai cookies..





with Dr Nik..


group photo with my classmates n lecturers..


1st runner up winner! with Prof Che u Prof!

MIFT 095

good bye MONASH..tq very much!



all of my group members gv the best we can to beat the rest..we studied from A-Z about our product...tq guys!!u all mmg terbaik!!

to all my classmates..tq sbb byk tolong..=)

to Prof n all lecturers..tq for all ilmu yg diberi..very useful..tq a bunch!



bebel2 lagi: nk bace entry tentang launching day peringkat universiti x?meh..bace kat sini..

2 org nk cakap jugak:

  1. congrates izen, sya , adla n all da team mmbers..proud of u guys ;)
    mst sdp kn..bk rsa jgk :)

  2. =) tq iqa..meh la rase..hihi..alhmdulillah..1st time unisza participated in this competition..hope more glory come in future..